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Before I started BEE Good Collective, I was seeking to find goods that were making a difference, whether that was taking steps towards more sustainability or giving back to social causes. I found myself doing lots of digging + research on brands + artisans to see what impacts they were making.

I found many favorites & wanted to bring these brands + artisans to one place, so together we could make a difference through each purchase. Their impacts led to the inspiration of our motto "BEE Good + Kind", which also serves as our foundation when considering our brands + artisans.

Since welcoming our daughter, I am able to share BEE Good Collective with my daughter + create memories with her for the years to come.

I hope to show my her how we can take small, intentional steps to make a difference every day, not only through thoughtful purchases, but by being good to the Earth + kind to others.

If you ever want to say hello + suggest a brand + artisan + or provide feedback, please reach out to me at

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Hi! I'm Charlie! The Chief Little Officer (CLO) here at BEE Good Collective + I have the BEST. JOB. EVER. - picking out the goods for us littles.

You might bee thinking I'm a little tiny to bee making big decisions, but I promise I pick out the best stuff + they can only bee approved by me.

When I'm not helping mom out with our shop, you can find me playing with Lottie (look at how fluffy she is!), eating my favorite star puffs or refueling with my baba bee-cause a boss baby like me has to relax every now and then.

I'm so happy you're here + supporting our shop! BEE sure to check out a few of my favorites!

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