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Good + Kind Impact

Our motto BEE Good + Kind is more than words - it's the foundation of all we do here at BEE Good Collective.

Through each purchase, you help us support causes that are doing good. Learn more about our impacts below.

Giving Back

It's important to us that each brand + artisan at BEE Good Collective is Good + Kind & that we do the same. We have four causes that we support through each purchase to further our Good + Kind Impact. Connect with us on social media + join our newsletter to get highlights + updates on our causes.


We support organizations who work towards protecting our favorite little pollinators like Beatrice.


We support organizations who work with local farmers on reforestation projects that promote agroforestry.

BGC Cause

We support organizations throughout the year who are working to BEE Kind in our local community.

Hive Cause

We support causes that are important to our Hive by taking their nominations & have them vote for the monthly cause.

Sustainable Business Practices

We take every step possible to make all business practices as sustainable as possible. Our packaging materials will always be recyclable + the most eco-friendly option, while creating the best customer experience when you receive your goods.

You may notice that we repurpose boxes + stuffing from the shipments we receive & invite you support our sustainability efforts when you receive an order from us.

Together, we can make an impact & if there's better alternatives, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Good + Kind Impact Report

We are excited to announce that beginning 2024, we will be tracking our brands + artisans + BEE Good Collective's Good + Kind impacts. Our hope is to highlight how we are making impacts with each purchase + transparency on our sustainable business practices.

You can expect quarterly recaps with a final report Q1 2025. BEE sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the full details.