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About Us

Welcome to The Green Queen B! 

We help the Earth Minded by curating high quality goods from brands & small-batch makers who use ethical + fair trade + sustainable practices.

At The Green Queen B, you will find high quality goods doing good for your unique style. Our decisions on products, brands & business practices are guided by our core values: 

  • High Quality We want to provide you with brands & products that are made to last. Our promise, we won't compromise on quality for the sake of cost.

  • Earth Minded - We work with brands that strive to incorporate sustainable business practices. Our promise, provide you with brands & goods that work to put the Earth first - including us!

  • Social Good - We partner with brands that do good, for the Earth & it's people. Our promise, to partner with brands who are making difference through ethical + fair trade practices & give back to charitable causes.

Our Story

The Green Queen B was created by Baillie Troskot in 2020, after months of quarantine & an accumulation of 150+ plants. As she became more connected to the Earth & her personal impact, she began seeking out high-quality, cozy home goods & accessories to stay true to her growing earth minded lifestyle.

As the search for goods & brands with earth minded & social good practices became difficult to find, she decided to create a cozy shop that brought these products together in one space. Soon, The Green Queen B was taken from idea to shop & she never looked back.

When it came to creating our name, it was easy & came naturally. The meaning behind it, however, continues to serve as a gentle reminder as to why we are here:

Green” to encompass our love for Mother Earth & personal mission to bring high quality, Earth Minded goods to your home.

Queen B” to remind us we reign over our actions & that they can impact the Earth & more importantly, the bees. Check out our efforts to Save the Bees & meet Beatrice, our busy little namesake!

The Hive's Daily Mantra

At The Green Queen B, it's important to us that we that enter our space with The Hive's Daily Mantra in mind. It's our promise to you that we will remain true to our mantra through every interaction:

BEE KindI promise to treat everyone kindly, knowing I may not know their story & my simple act of kindness may be all the need.

BEE HappyI promise to leave my negative thoughts & emotions out of the hive so that I can spread happiness to all that I encounter. 

BEE Authentic - I promise to be my true self & genuine in my conversations with all that I encounter.

BEE the Best I Can BEEI promise that I will always be the best I can be, even if I can't be 100%.