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Behind the Brand

Welcome to Our Hive!

BEE Good Collective was created by a vision + mission to bring together a collection of goods from brands + artisans doing good for the Earth + being kind to others for women + littles. 

As a busy full-time working mom who strived to be thoughtful in the products purchased for ourself + little, while balancing beauty, purpose + longevity, it became overwhelming to find these goods in a singular place. 

Since 2021, we have been bringing together brands + artisans that are mindful in their business practices + products to align with our motto BEE Good + Kind. We celebrate brands + artisans that consciously take steps to BEE Good to the Earth + Kind to her people.

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Our Values 

When selecting our thoughtfully curated goods, we ensure the brands + artisans align with one or both components of our motto of BEE Good + Kind

BEE Good Collective Values

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