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Behind the Brand

BEE Good Collective was created by a vision + mission to bring together a collection of goods from brands + artisans doing good for the Earth + being kind to others.

Founded in 2021, Baillie Troskot brought together several brands that were intentional in their practices + products to align with our motto BEE Good + Kind. We have grown to include Home Goods + Women's Clothing & Accessories & our newest addition, BEE Good Little in 2022.


Since the beginning, it has remained our commitment to give back through every purchase.



Your Cause

Our Cause


It's important to us that we continue to show our love for Mother Earth through our business practices. We strive to source our products + business supplies with the least impact. You may see us repurpose boxes + stuffing from the shipments we receive & invite you to join us when you receive an order from us. Together, we can make a impact & if there's better approaches, please don't hesitate to reach out.