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Our Earth Minded Commitment

As a small, online business, we understand that our actions can have a big impact on the Earth & society, both good & bad. We keep this at the forefront of our minds when making decisions regarding business practices.

Our shipping materials such as the box, mailer, tape, shipping label & tissue paper are 100% eco-friendly & recyclable are sourced from NoIssue, who's commitment to sustainability helped us stay true to our values without compromising your overall experience.

We wish to eliminate all plastic, but know that it may not always be possible. Our commitment is to continuously eliminate plastics from our shop & only bring in products that do the same. If there is any plastic on a product, do know that we were very thoughtful when selecting it & kindly ask you to recycle as able.

As part of our efforts to help protect the bees, we wanted to invite our customers to do the same. Each shipment is thoughtfully put together by our team & finished off with our Bee Love Tag. Thanks to Botanical Paperworks, we are able to provide you with a seed-filled paper filled with a variety of wildflowers for you to plant. 

We are always mindful when curating a selection of products for the Earth Minded. In staying true to our commitment & values, we do not accept returns due to changing minds & kindly ask each shopper keep this commitment at heart & mind when selecting their items. Read more about our Return Policy here.

If you see an area where we can do better, we invite you to reach out! We know that we may not always get it right, but being surrounded by Earth minded thinkers will help us make the impact we are setting out to do.


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